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Stroh's Ice Cream Parlour came into the family in June of 1992 when John and Julie purchased the small shop on Biddle Ave.


In September of 2021, after almost three decades, Stroh's was passed down to Kirsten Labadie. Kirsten has been a part of the family since she was a small child playing house and Harry Potter on the sidewalk with John & Julie's daughters and nieces. She started working at Stroh's as soon as she turned 15 and has had her eyes set on the parlour ever since.


The legacy of Stroh's in Wyandotte continues on, and we can't wait to celebrate more years with you.

A great part of Stroh's success is due to the wonderful, hard-working employees it's been blessed with throughout the years. Shout out to you, Stroh's crew!


Kirsten was born and raised in Wyandotte and always knew downriver would be her home. She's passionate about cooking, teaching, and hanging out with her perfect pup, Bella. She spent the last few years as a certified teacher in Southeast Michigan, but when John called her and asked her if she was still interested in owning Stroh's, she jumped on the opportunity.


She's thrilled to keep Stroh's in the family and continue making the ice creams with the traditional recipes. And, of course, adding a few new flavors of her own.


A running joke at the dinner table was always, "When I own Stroh's, I'm going to…" and now she does.


We are big fans of variety, which is why we have 44+ ice cream flavors (we experiment with new flavors everyday!) to choose from. We always make at least 40 of them right here in-house, so you know they're packed full of goodies.


But sometimes you just can't get enough chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, strawberries, you name it- we've got you covered! We have a ton of toppings to choose from, not to mention a HUGE menu including shakes, sundaes, banana splits, and more! 

We pride ourselves on great service, large portions, and a family-friendly atmosphere. 


We are located on the corner of Biddle Ave and Sycamore. 

There is parking up and down Sycamore and Biddle Avenue or additional parking in the lot of the Yack Arena behind the building.

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